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Which information should you be ready to provide applying for payday loans online?

It is well-known that application form filled in the correct way is your ticket to fast money as there are no other documents. Applying for payday loans online you avoid long queues in a bank and all annoying paperwork involved in the process of getting a credit from the traditional lenders. How to request for a payday loan online? The procedure is very simple! Your main instrument is an online application form, which can be found at the lender’s website. There is a very rare situation when a lender may ask you about faxing of some additional document in case there are some doubts concerning you as the potential borrower. However, if it happens you shouldn’t delay this and send all necessary data, which may influence the lender’s decision.

Let’s consider which parts an application form usually consists of. Use these instructions to fill in an online payday loan application form:

  1. What kind of personal information can be included in an application form?
    • Choose the requested amount ( from 100$ to 1000$).
    • Enter your valid e-mail in order the lender can contact you any time.
    • Write your First Name and Last Name.
    • Write your date of birth ( obligatory as according to the law, you can’t be approved if you are under 18).
    • Write your primary and alternate phone number.
    • Write the street address ( information about the period how long you live there and if you are a homeowner may be asked as well).
    • Enter Zip Code.
    • Write your Social Security Number.
    • Driver’s License (if you have).
  2. Which additional information may be required?
    • Choose your income type ( there are options about employment status, mention your monthly income and how you get your salary).
    • Give the name of your employer and write how long in months you have been working at your current position at work.
    • Write your work telephone number.
    • Give details about the frequency of being paid and when the next payday is.
    • You may be asked if you are an active military as usually they are not provided with an opportunity to get payday loans online.
  3. Which banking information may be required for payday loan approval?
    • Write the name of the bank, where you are a client currently.
    • Give the number of your account.
    • Mention which type of account you have ( there are two types: checking and savings accounts).
    • Put a tick if you find it convenient to get money directly into your banking account.
    • Share information about how long you have been a holder of this banking account (in months).

After filling in all obligatory fields of your application form to receive online payday advance, the final step is to put a tick in case you agree to all terms and conditions provided by the direct lender. But before doing this you should be careful reading the Privacy Policy and all Conditions of Agreement and only if you find them suitable for you sign the payday loan contract. You should understand that you give your consent for processing of your personal information. Only after all these steps you should press the button “Submit” and wait for your approval, which can be confirmed in maximum 15 minutes.